How to Improve eCommerce Customer Service With Consumer Financing and More

Mar 9, 2022

In an age where eCommerce success depends on customer advocacy, improving customer service is fundamental to ensuring growth. Customer service, after all, plays a deciding role in how consumers view one’s online store. eCommerce platforms must provide their shoppers with better support to reduce the frequency of negative reviews and increase the number of recommendations for one’s store, leading to greater sales. In this article, we discuss ways to improve eCommerce customer service, such as introducing consumer financing, so that your business can succeed in the competitive world of online shopping.

Integrate Powerful Consumer Financing

Consumer financing refers to repayment options for shoppers that utilize financing integrations on websites partnering with the best consumer financing companies. These companies give eCommerce platforms an advantage over their competition by providing easy-to-install web plugins geared to giving shoppers access to reliable lenders. The process of financing acquisition occurs on the website during checkout, as consumers activate the visible financing button without having to leave the online store. The consumers are then automatically and instantly connected with a lender that can provide financing plans that offer zero interest on repayments. 

This tactic, beyond benefiting the business by attracting new consumers, improves a company’s customer service as it makes a consumer’s shopping experience seamless and affordable. These kinds of integrations appeal to consumers as they add value to their shopping experience. 

Provide Multiple Customer Support Channels

Businesses must provide an array of customer support channels to satisfy a variety of shoppers. Each customer segment may interact with an online store differently, so catering to all types of consumers can yield greater sales through superior customer service. Live chat is proving effective as it allows customers to quickly find answers to common questions or get more information about their delivery. But, it is not enough just to have a live chat feature on your website.

You can improve your live chat customer support by introducing chat automation across your channels. Social media chatbot integration, email chat automation, and more can benefit businesses through time-saving and provide consumers with greater support no matter how they choose to shop. You can also provide the ability to chat with an actual sales representative by incorporating an option within the initial chatbot discussion. This can remedy the possible loss of customers that prefer to chat with real people to resolve their issues. 

Record Customer Satisfaction

eCommerce businesses must record their customer satisfaction to make actionable improvements to their customer service strategy. The insights gleaned from surveys can greatly increase your odds of attracting consumers as these insights can drive strategic brand innovations. Furthermore, recording customer satisfaction can improve your customer advocacy for greater sales.

Google reviews, third-party reviews, and reviews that you upload to your website serve as customer testimonials and user-generated promotions that can drive future sales. It is important to automate this process by establishing a Google My Business page, for example, and manually activating this process by creating surveys or emailers that encourage users to provide feedback. You can also attach a discount code or coupon to this strategy to generate more responses and potentially improve sales volumes. 

Providing better customer service is pivotal to growing an eCommerce platform as customers that feel supported are more likely to shop with one’s store and more likely to recommend the store to their friends and family. From integrating powerful consumer financing platforms to activating customer support features across your branded channels and recording customer satisfaction to make improvements and showcase positive reviews, you can elevate your eCommerce business and appeal to the smart modern shopper.

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