How to Improve Customer Experience with Consumer Financing From ChargeAfter and More Marketing Tools

Nov 7, 2021

No matter the product or service that you sell, the most essential driving factor behind eCommerce success is the customer experience that you provide. This is especially true in the modern online shopping industry when customers can easily turn to competitors that offer similar products or services. In order to stay ahead of the competition and experience sustainable business growth with one’s online store, business owners need to consider ways in which to improve customer experience. In this article, we explore a few of the tried and proven customer experience strategies that attract new customers and retain existing shoppers for greater sales and eCommerce success. 

Consumer Financing Solutions

The customer’s checkout experience is critical to the success of one’s eCommerce store as this is the make-or-break consumer touchpoint during the buying process. It is important that stores deliver a seamless and efficient checkout experience to drive sales and retain avid buyers. This can be done through the integration of consumer financing solutions. ChargeAfter delivers one of the most effective consumer financing platforms on the market. Connecting your customers with a network of reliable lenders gives them access to instant and on-demand financing to make purchases big and small on your website. There are many consumer benefits to integrating this platform. It is easy to use and appears during the checkout process. Customers do not need to go through extensive credit checks, the repayment plans come with no additional interest, and customers do not have to leave their online store to receive financing. Brands can, therefore, offer additional upselling and cross-selling to leverage larger orders. 

Social Media Listening Tools

Social media listening tools give eCommerce owners access to valuable customer information and data to make more informed customer experience decisions. Some platforms give extensive insight into buyer profiles while other platforms share information on popular online shopping trends. Business owners can use Google Keyword Planner to determine new content ideas for a better customer experience or Hootsuite for information on optimal social media marketing strategies. These are just two of the impressive social media listening tools that can improve your customer’s experience on your platform. 

Customer Review Mechanisms

Customer reviews sit at the heart of successful eCommerce. A good review is often the difference between a customer shopping with one brand versus another. Therefore, eCommerce platforms need to have a review strategy in place and mechanisms to collect reviews. This can help you highlight the areas of your customer experience that are particularly beneficial through the lens of a consumer’s positive remarks. Furthermore, review mechanisms can be seamlessly embedded into the customer journey to elevate the shopping experience. 

CRM Systems

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems enable eCommerce platforms to assess, analyze, and optimize their customer relationship strategies. Customer relationships and service are crucial to eCommerce success as your customers have a strong sway over the popularity of your platform. Whatsmore, CRM systems are a great place to store valuable customer data and metrics that one can use to optimize the customer experience in particular areas of interest. One should utilize CRM systems to keep tabs on valuable leads, drive communications for greater efficiency, and share content for easier customer-brand integration. 

eCommerce companies can improve their customer’s experiences with the aid of consumer financing, social media listening tools, customer review mechanisms, and CRM systems for greater success in the competitive digital retail landscape. Doing so will ensure that one’s business experiences greater customer activity, land more sales within a business month, and promotes long-term business sustainability through customer acquisition and retention.

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