How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website and Make Sales With Buy Now Pay Later at Checkout

Jan 27, 2022

Advertising, competitions, and influencers drive traffic to websites. These are three marketing tools that eCommerce businesses must implement to support their traffic flow and grow their consumer base. Beyond utilizing these channels to drive web traffic, you can increase the likelihood of converting new consumers to regular shoppers with buy now pay later from ChargeAfter at checkout. This integration gives your customers access to ChargeAfter’s reputable lenders who offer zero-interest financing. The benefits of ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform drive greater sales as consumers turn to the powerful integration for their shopping needs. 

Below, we discuss three ways you can drive more traffic to your website that encourages sales with buy now pay later from ChargeAfter. 

Set Up Social Media Ad Campaigns

The most common digital marketing ad avenues are Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even Reddit offer advertising, but the three listed above represent the most prominent, cost-effective, and reliable advertising channels. Online stores that do not make use of Facebook, Instagram, and Google’s ad platforms are missing massive audiences to competitors that run social media ad campaigns. eCommerce marketing teams must allocate budget and resources to social media advertising to remain relevant and attract new traffic to the website. 

Let’s take a look at how to ensure these ad campaigns drive more traffic to your website.

Meta: Facebook & Instagram Ads

Meta has developed an effective ad campaign management tool in ads manager that allows online stores and other businesses to run Facebook and Instagram ads. The platform is relatively easy to navigate and empowers businesses to run ads across Meta’s two primary social media platforms simultaneously. With Facebook and Instagram ads, you can drive traffic to your website by utilizing the various campaign objectives Meta provides. When running these ads, the algorithm sends your ads to consumers most likely to take your desired action. This is a fairly simplified approach to advertising with Meta, and you can follow this resource for a more detailed guide on how to run successful Facebook and Instagram ads to drive traffic to your website. 

Google Ads

Google empowers online businesses to run search-based and web ads to drive traffic to their websites. Using Google Ads, eCommerce marketing teams can attract new traffic to their websites through keyword-optimized campaigns and display advertising on other relevant websites and landing pages. Google Ads offers immediate results, and businesses benefit from its affordable cost-per-click system. According to Insider Intelligence, consumers convert within five days of searching for a product. Therefore, Google Ads are essential for generating short-term profit. You can use this resource for a greater grasp of Google Ads and how to run a successful campaign.

Introduce Competitions & Giveaways

If you market a prize big enough, consumers will share your competition with their friends. Competitions remain a staple marketing tool for generating new traffic as, beyond the prize itself, they are completely free. Competitions and giveaways also fall within the realm of user-generated content as consumers encourage their friends and family to support eCommerce businesses through their own social channels. Competitions typically involve liking posts, following pages, and sharing the content with friends. You can improve your campaign results by encouraging consumers to visit your website and sign up for a newsletter to enter your competition. This has the added benefit of building your email database. 

Work With Influencers

Influencers encourage their fans to support their favorite brands, and eCommerce businesses should work with influencers to drive more traffic to their websites. The best influencer strategies involve referral discounts for consumers that utilize coupon codes when shopping with online stores. For example, you may collaborate with an influencer that posts about your products and encourages their audience to use a specific code during checkout to receive a discount on their order. Influencers will take a commission of those sales, which is not particularly costly and small in comparison with the return on investment of new traffic to one’s website.

Drive more traffic and beat the competition with social media ad campaigns, competitions and giveaways, and partnerships with powerful influencers.

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