How to Develop a Tech Company Marketing Plan Integrating Electronics Financing

Nov 19, 2021

Every tech company should have a clear marketing plan in place before taking the eCommerce world by storm as profitable marketing relies on a comprehensive understanding of one’s industry, competitors, and a clear strategy or multiple strategies guiding creative, budgeting, and publication decisions. In this article, we discuss how to develop a marketing plan for your tech company and how you can integrate electronics financing to ensure successful and profitable marketing following the rollout of your strategic plan.

What is a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan, in the context of a tech company, refers to the digital advertising strategy that will guide the marketing decisions from concept creation to channel distribution, targeting options, budget decisions, and advertising publication. The plan intends to ensure that all marketing decisions are built with a specific target audience in mind, align with business goals, and will achieve successful results based on selected marketing metrics. A solid marketing plan is essential to the success of an online tech store, and business owners should consider updating existing marketing plans that are already in place to ensure they coincide with the latest tech marketing trends. 

Successful Marketing Strategies for Your Plan

Below, we explore some of the most popular modern marketing strategies for tech companies to utilize when developing a marketing plan from scratch or amending an existing marketing plan:

Leverage Video Content

Tech companies should be at the forefront of modern marketing as they represent their products and services represent the future of the world. Video content is proving a critical marketing avenue and one that should sit at the core of an online tech retailer’s strategy. Video content allows tech companies to tell stories that appeal to the tech-savvy consumer, create buzz around new products and services, share positive reviews that encourage purchases, and provide explainers that help customers make informed shopping decisions. 

Market with Influencers

Influencers have tremendous power over the modern shopper, hence the name. Influencers should feature as a part of a tech company’s marketing plan as their opinions hold enormous weight over the products and services that tech companies offer. Often, individuals base their tech purchasing decisions on online reviews and testimonials as opposed to hardware or software capabilities. Influencers big and small can have a positive impact on one’s marketing initiatives. 

Provide High-Value Content

Tech companies need to provide high-value personalized content to their consumers to stay ahead of the competition. Content that is information, engaging, and value-based will win over fluff content that offers no tangible value to the lives of the consumer. Think of high-value content as content that answers a searcher’s intent, helps them navigate the endless list of tech products available on the market, and offers some sort of perk in the form of a coupon, bundle, or discount. You could release a comprehensive product review video with a coupon code linked in the description, for example.

Integrating Electronics Financing for Success

You can level up your marketing plan through the integration of electronics financing at checkout. ChargeAfter offers the most comprehensive multi-lender electronics financing solution that will give your shoppers access to financial support at the push of a button to encourage greater sales at checkout. This financing comes with no interest rates and requires no credit checks, ensuring that your marketing efforts attract the widest audience possible for the greatest return on investment. 

Developing a comprehensive and clear tech marketing strategy should involve leveraging video content, influencers, and high-value content alongside electronics financing that all work to benefit the consumer, encourage sales, and ensure profitable partnerships between the audience and tech company. 

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