How Fintech Companies Like ChargeAfter Can Improve Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

Mar 26, 2022

Seamless shopping experiences, comprehensive brand connections, and consistent marketing across channels all constitute reasons why omnichannel marketing is essential in the modern eCommerce age. Online shoppers are more demanding than ever, expecting brands to represent clear identities on all sorts of channels, which is where omnichannel marketing comes in to resolve consumer consumers. In this article, we explore omnichannel marketing in more detail and suggest how fintech companies are improving the modern shoppers’ omnichannel experience. 

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing refers to a comprehensive marketing strategy whereby shoppers can expect a seamless experience across a diverse range of channels. The key attribute of omnichannel marketing is that it is consistent and authentic, appealing to consumers that are more skeptical of online brands have experienced a combination of successful eCommerce platforms and untrustworthy online companies. Introducing omnichannel marketing can, therefore, promote trust by modeling the success of the best eCommerce brands on the market. 

Omnichannel marketing involves considering all aspects of the consumer journey and optimizing every touchpoint to align with key marketing goals. The ability to provide cross-channel marketing that promotes consistent messaging will attract return customers and shoppers who have not yet heard of your store. Furthermore, omnichannel marketing is a means of reinventing the shopping experience to meet the modern demands of shoppers.

The Role of Fintech Companies in Omnichannel Marketing

Fintech companies continue to see interest from the best eCommerce platforms for their ability to support the most critical consumer touchpoint in an omnichannel marketing strategy, the checkout stage. These companies, particularly ChargeAfter, offer one of the most powerful payment options for consumers that beats traditional financing solutions.

These solutions, referred to as buy now pay later (BNPL) services, are integrations at checkout that allow shoppers to receive online financing at the push of a button. These shoppers, using BNPL, no longer need to consult their financial service providers or third-party lenders to purchase products at the later checkout stage of the omnichannel marketing process. Furthermore, they do not have to pass credit checks and repayments are made with zero interest. 

Beyond supporting the consumer and the omnichannel marketing strategy, fintech companies that offer BNPL services benefit businesses by improving the online shopping experience. In fact, BNPL services contribute to an increase in conversion rates of approximately 20% to 30%, according to authoritative sources

These statistics suggest it is essential for businesses to adopt BNPL at checkout to support their omnichannel marketing strategy and promote profitable business growth.

Additional Support Ensures Success

Fintech companies can go above and beyond to support the businesses that they partner with, and the leading Fintech companies like ChargeAfter offer consistent checkout support to constantly improve the final stage of one’s omnichannel sales funnel. The delivery of checkout data and regular analysis of key metrics enables ChargeAfter to provide marketing teams with insights and actionable steps to improve the shopping experience. Recommendations like cross-selling and up-selling scratch the surface of the kinds of strategies that these companies can provide based on key metrics each month. Furthermore, round-the-clock support means that businesses can consult for advice at any point regarding their checkout stage of the omnichannel marketing strategy.

Omnichannel marketing is essential in the modern age of online shopping as consumers become more skeptical of online retailers. Introducing an omnichannel marketing strategy that includes BNPL integration can help businesses grow as this particular service supports the most important stage in the funnel, the checkout stage. With consistent support and regular analytical updates, businesses can leverage the best BNPL services on the market to improve their omnichannel marketing strategies.

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