How Customers View eCommerce Platforms With ChargeAfter’s Point of Sale Financing Solution

Oct 26, 2021

Customer acquisition and retention are the cornerstones of successful eCommerce, and business owners would be wise to invest in new strategies to improve key performance indicators associated with these goals. Novel marketing strategies and effective website plugins can help brands deliver a more valuable customer experience that is critical to achieving positive marketing metrics. From improving customer service across the board to integrating a point of sale financing solution at checkout, the best eCommerce brands consider how to leverage every consumer touchpoint. 

In this article, we share how customers view eCommerce platforms with ChargeAfter’s point of sale financing solution and how having it can generate profitable customer acquisition and retention. 

Point of Sale Financing Encourages Brand Loyalty

Improving customer lifetime values is critical to the success of one’s customer retention strategy, and this can generate significant profit over a long period of time. A customer’s brand loyalty drives their lifetime values as loyal customers are more likely to shop with websites that they can trust. It is important then to provide additional features that promote brand loyalty to succeed in the competitive digital retail landscape. Point of sale financing solutions gives return customers access to comprehensive consumer financing at checkout that allows them to purchase products easily and affordably. The multi-lender platform from ChargeAfter can drive greater customer lifetime values as customers are more inclined to make continuous purchases knowing that they are secured with full financial coverage at the best rates possible. 

Consumers Appreciate Better Experiences

Consumers are attracted to eCommerce brands that offer better customer experiences. Consumer expectations derive from experiences with the best brands across the globe, and these customers expect similar experiences when they are shopping with eCommerce brands big and small. It is essential that online stores provide an industry standard of user experience that meets the expectations of these confident online shoppers if they wish to be seen as a leading eCommerce platform. There are several ways to improve the user experience, namely the checkout process with ChargeAfter’s point of sale financing solution. The ChargeAfter plugin integrates at checkout and creates a seamless, easy-to-use financial support solution. This improves the user journey and encourages purchases as a result. 

Shoppers Appreciate the Additional Support

Customers that shop with eCommerce platforms that integrate with ChargeAfter’s point of sale financing solution value the additional customer support that the feature enables on the website. Customers can access personalized financing solutions at the push of a button, receive instant access to funding for their purchases, and benefit from zero interest repayment plans and no credit checks in order to secure a loan. These additional support features mean customers perceive eCommerce platforms as going above and beyond to support their consumers. This, in turn, bodes well for the sales on an eCommerce website. 

There are many reasons shoppers prefer to buy from websites that integrate with ChargeAfter’s point of sale financing solution. From securing instant consumer financing to purchase items big and small to benefit from superior customer service, enjoying a seamless user experience, and not having to seek the support of third-party lenders or their financial service providers, customers perceive brand’s with point of sale financing as superior eCommerce platforms than competitors without the financing option. 

In order to stand out from these competitors, the best eCommerce website owners provide comprehensive, efficient, and effective consumer financing in order to promote sustainable business growth and drive sales. Doing so can give your eCommerce store a leg up and ensure that you are able to deliver an exceptional consumer experience for your shoppers. 

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