How BNPL Creates Sales Efficiency for eCommerce

Mar 24, 2022

Sales efficiency is essential to eCommerce success, and a faster sales funnel leads to greater average order volumes. As online retail reaches its height, businesses should be taking steps to ensure that sales are as efficient as ever. One such strategy is implementing buy now pay later (BNPL) services at the checkout. These consumer-facing solutions provide shoppers with seamless payment functionalities to ease the checkout process, promote sales efficiency, and leverage buy-in. In this article, we discuss how BNPL creates this efficiency further to help you take advantage of growing eCommerce trends.

The Function of BNPL

BNPL’s primary function is to provide consumers with easier ways to shop. The integration lives on a website’s checkout page, is clearly visible to the shopper, and offers a financing solution that shies away from more traditional methods. Instead of having to seek the services of a financial institution, chat with lenders within their network, or utilize third-party services, shoppers can receive on-demand financing and loans right there on the eCommerce platform. This saves them time, requires no credit checks that could stall financing, and provides repayment options with zero interest on installments. These are a few of the benefits of a sales strategy that integrates waterfall consumer financing, or BNPL, for the modern shopper.

Over and above supporting the consumer, BNPL services are powerful tools for business growth. First and foremost, BNPL creates sales efficiency by streamlining the sales funnel and shopping process at the checkout. Shoppers can quickly purchase their carts, ensuring a faster time to sale which correlates with an increase in average order volumes. Furthermore, BNPL enables higher average order values as shoppers are more likely to use the feature to purchase large ticket items, like cellular devices and other electronics or expensive products. The best BNPL partners offer businesses these benefits and more through consistent analysis of key data and ongoing support. 

What Greater Efficiency Means for eCommerce

Efficiency is the name of the eCommerce game as shoppers seek seamless experiences that are quick and easy. Growing expectations among modern shoppers call for eCommerce businesses to install newer innovations that support their user journeys. Greater efficiency means facilitating these shopping needs, answering the pain points that most online shoppers now face.

Greater efficiency also means attracting new consumers to one’s website. Millennial and Gen Z shoppers are particularly powerful consumer groups that eCommerce companies can leverage sales from using tools like BNPL consumer financing. This is because these younger shopping segments are not strangers to fintech services and are more likely to purchase from platforms that integrate the latest technologies in a beneficial way. Greater efficiency means greater opportunities to appeal to these diverse consumer segments.

Furthermore, greater efficiency means more profitable margins as businesses can reduce time spent on remedial tasks and reallocated resources accordingly. When partnering with BNPL service providers, like ChargeAfter, eCommerce brands gain access to a support system that resolves payment issues on behalf of the company. This dedicated checkout personnel also provides consistent progress updates and data to inform further marketing strategies at checkout. The supportive nature of this service ensures that every aspect of business becomes efficient beyond the sales funnel itself. 

In Summary

The best eCommerce businesses promote efficiency at checkout through the integration of new fintech solutions such as BNPL. This service gives brands greater control over their sales funnel, encourages new consumer segments to shop, and streamlines the user experience for an increase in sales and other key marketing metrics. eCommerce platforms can partner with the best BNPL service providers to further their growth and raise their profit margins in the coming months. 

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