Give Your Customers an Incentive to Buy This Valentine’s Day With Online Financing and These Marketing Strategies

Feb 7, 2022

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t begun prepping for a lovely sales season this February the 14th then it is high time you turn to your marketing team to concoct some attractive strategies. We have curated this article to give you some ideas on how to give your customers an incentive to buy leading up to Valentine’s Day. You should jump on these strategies sooner rather than later if you wish to increase sales from couples shopping for their partners.

Fund Valentine’s Purchases With Online Financing

Customers spend a fortune on Valentine’s Day. For this reason, it is one of every online businesses highlight of the calendar year. Now, more than ever, you should introduce new ways for your shoppers to buy from your eCommerce store. You should consider the integration of strategies that help shoppers purchase those expensive items they have been dreaming of giving their partners. Whether your business sells elite watches of boutique clothing, you can integrate online financing to leverage more sales leading up to Valentine’s Day. Online financing from ChargeAfter is a powerful tool that plugs into your checkout page, giving your customers access to one of the most efficient and affordable loan payment options on the market. At the push of a button and without having to go through the stress of credit checks, customers can receive zero interest loans from ChargeAfter’s leading network of lenders. This leads to an increase in sales as customers can finance their Valentine’s purchases without having to consult their financial service provider

Start Your Social Media Push Now

If you haven’t already, then start your social media push now. This should include regular Valentine’s Day posts, ad campaigns, Google search advertisements, and other paid advertising strategies. Over and above starting early, you should couple these campaigns with competitions or discount codes. You need to give shoppers an additional reason to buy this Valentine’s Day over and above your customer service and product range, and these kinds of social media marketing tactics drive great traffic to eCommerce platforms

Dedicate a Landing Page to Valentine’s Day

Consumers that click through your social media and Google advertisements should land on a dedicated page that speaks to Valentine’s Day. As such, you should create a new landing page to direct your traffic to your competition, a special Valentine’s Day catalogue, and other information about the dreamy day. A dedicated landing page will ensure that you serve your customers the right kind of content that encourages the sales of speciality products through the clever use of calls to action, product photography, and additional features such as online financing. 

Ensure You Can Ship By Valentine’s Day

If you can guarantee to ship by Valentine’s Day, you will win customers from competitor shops as they seek the most efficient online shopping services during this special day. Consult your logistics partner and provide comprehensive insight into delivery due date expectations so that customers are completely aware of your policies as well as when to expect their items. You could also include shipping discounts during Valentine’s Day to offer customers additional value and further entice the sale. 

The combination of online financing from ChargeAfter to fund expensive Valentine’s Day purchases, a strong social media push with discounts and competitions, a dedicated landing page that tells your brand’s Valentine’s Day store, and shipping information that clarifies one’s ability to deliver before the special day will guarantee an extremely successful and profitable February the 14th for your business.

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