Give Customers a Reason to Buy! Here’s How ChargeAfter’s Electronics Financing Can Benefit Your Tech Store

Oct 29, 2021

The tech retail industry is incredibly saturated and eCommerce store owners understand the importance of deploying new strategies to differentiate their websites from the crowds. The key driving force behind any solution is sales, and brands can sway customers in favor of their electronic products by giving them a reason to buy. This involves providing additional value beyond the product and a reasonable price, such as integrating electronics financing from ChargeAfter. In this article, we discuss electronics financing from ChargeAfter and how it can benefit your tech store by promoting customer buy-in.

What is Electronics Financing from ChargeAfter?

Electronics financing refers to specialized consumer financing that gives customers shopping on your eCommerce platform access to the financial aid they require to purchase your electronic products. ChargeAfter enables shoppers to purchase from one’s tech store by giving them on-demand access to personalized repayment plans from a network of trustworthy lenders. Customers shopping with ChargeAfter partners utilize a seamless plugin that funnels them through your checkout process quicker. During this process, a tech store’s customers can access funds and pay for products upfront and in full. 

Why Do Customers Need Electronics Financing?

Considered purchases refer to shopping decisions that are complex and require a longer time to purchase. This type of purchase includes expensive items or investments that require larger sums of money to acquire, such as wedding rings, cars, and electronics. In most cases, customers do not have the money to make these purchases and require consumer financing to fund these purchases. ChargeAfter’s electronics financing eliminates the need for consumers to seek the support of third-party financing providers, such as their bank or another lender. Having access to ChargeAfter’s electronics financing solutions means customers can confidently and easily shop your expensive tech products. 

How ChargeAfter’s Electronics Financing Improves Sales

ChargeAfter’s electronics financing solutions improve tech store sales for the following key reasons:

More Customers Can Shop

Tech stores may struggle to drive sales as items are generally costly and require more customer time investment to make a purchase. Furthermore, some customers are unable to save the cash necessary to make a purchase. With electronics financing in place, online tech stores can provide all consumers access to financing that will allow them to purchase electronic products quickly and easily. Doing so broadens a store’s consumer audience and gives you access to customers who have not shopped with you before. 

Shoppers Can Shop Quicker

Reducing the time it takes to make a sale is critical to the success of tech stores and helps retailers combat the concerns of considered purchasing behavior. With access to on-demand consumer financing, tech store customers can shop quicker than ever and do not have to waste time seeking the services of external financial service providers. This ease of use and faster time to sale generates more sales for tech stores over time. 

Customers Can Buy Expensive Electronics

Customers that have access to electronics financing are more likely to purchase expensive products from your tech store. Instead of having to choose between budget or mid-tier items, customers can easily buy your top-tier products and not have to pay exorbitant interest thanks to ChargeAfter’s zero-interest lending plans. This is particularly beneficial as larger purchases will reflect as greater average order values come to the end of the business month.

Give customers a reason to buy from your tech store instead of the competition with the many benefits of electronics financing from ChargeAfter. Ensure that you target a broader consumer audience, encourage faster times to sales, and enable your shoppers to purchase expensive electronic products in your catalog. 

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