Consumer Financing, BNPL and More Marketing Tools Every Online Store Needs

Mar 30, 2022

Online stores should consider new marketing tools this year as digital marketing evolves to suit the modern shopper. Considering the impressive rise of online retail and the ever-changing demands of these consumers, staying up to date with the latest trends and marketing tools can help businesses stay ahead of the competition. In this article, we discuss consumer financing and more marketing tools that you need to integrate into your online store to drive sales, increase customer retention, and more.

Improve Sales With Consumer Financing

The first strategy to business success is introducing consumer financing functionalities at checkout. Leading Fintech companies like ChargeAfter are paving the way for the evolution of online shopping through the integration of powerful financing platforms. These platforms enable fast and affordable shopping, appealing to consumers that wish to avoid the traps of traditional financing from financial service providers and third-party lenders. With consumer financing, shoppers do not need to undergo credit checks and receive zero-interest repayment plans. As a result, businesses with consumer financing see an increase in interest from these consumers, especially younger shoppers with improved buying power. 

Retain Customers With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fundamental marketing tool that can help businesses retain customers. Brands can create massive databases of customer emails by encouraging sign-ups or requesting them during the sales process, and then utilize these addresses to feed marketing material directly to the inbox of existing customers or interested consumers. Brand’s can send discounts, promote new offerings, provide free resources, and more through email marketing to peak the interest of customers and entice them to buy again. This resource offers handy recommendations to help you develop a comprehensive and lucrative email marketing campaign. 

Invest in Consumers With Social Commerce

If you are not selling your products on social media then you are missing a powerful means of attracting shoppers. Social media platforms have grown to offer incredible advertising functionalities, enabling brands to integrate their online shops onto social media platforms efficiently. Doing so means that you are constantly front of mind with your consumers as they are notified with product announcements and other brand content directly in their social media feeds. Furthermore, they can quickly shop through the platform without having to leave. We highly recommend integrating a comprehensive social commerce strategy that incorporates social media selling to attract shoppers. 

Captivate Buyers With Content Marketing

Consumers are smarter than ever and align with brands that offer tangible value over and above selling a product or offering a service. Buyers want brands to engage with them, and content marketing remains one of the most critical tools to do so. From blogs to podcasts, videos, social media posts, white papers, and more, brands can captivate the attention of their audiences through content marketing. Furthermore, brands can optimize that content for search results, improving the chances of their content being noticed by new shoppers using search engines. SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand, and you can use this resource to develop a strong SEO strategy.

Influence Shoppers With Influencer Marketing

What may have been considered a fad is now an essential marketing tool for businesses to attract shoppers. Influencer marketing has the power to engage customers and win brand trust through recommendations from the most influential people on social media. Brands can partner with celebrities, social media gurus, and micro-influences to tap into their social audiences. This is a powerful marketing tool, and you can use this resource to inspire your influencer marketing strategy for the year ahead.

Every store should integrate consumer financing, invest in email marketing, develop social commerce strategies, create content, and utilize influencer marketing to improve sales, retain customers, influence shoppers, and more.

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