Consumer Financing and 4 More Ways to Give Back to Your Consumers During the Holidays

Dec 15, 2021

It’s the holiday season and what better way to celebrate the festive period than to give back to your shoppers in the spirit of Christmas? Beyond doing positive things for your shoppers during the holidays to say thanks for the support over the years, giving back during this time of year can do wonders for customer retention and customer acquisition. In this article, we discuss how you can support your shoppers during the festive season with consumer financing and more. 

1. Consumer Financing for Christmas Shopping

Consumer financing is an integration from leading buy now pay later (BNPL) fintech providers like ChargeAfter that gives your customers access to on-demand financing options within minutes during the checkout process. Customers can access ChargeAfter’s network of lenders to fund their orders without having to go through credit checks. Whatsmore, the financing options come with no additional interest, making them the most affordable way for your customers to finance their festive season orders. This will drive brand loyalty as shoppers turn to your value-added checkout process when looking for Christmas gifts and holiday supplies. In turn, you will see average order values and volumes rise during the festive period. 

2. Offer Unbeatable Holiday Specials

Black Friday has come and gone but eCommerce businesses still have a great opportunity to acquire new customers during the holidays with unbeatable specials, deals, and discounts. You should consult your marketing team about profit-driven discount campaigns and ways to market your deals to leverage the eager shoppers during the holidays. But, be sure to offer substantial specials as you want your brand to cut through the competition during the Christmas period. Furthermore, Black Friday is often an opportunity to make sweeping discount claims that are not as cost-effective as consumers may believe. To avoid negative brand recognition during the holidays, offer discounts that add genuine value to your shoppers and you will see a boom in sales from now until the new year. 

3. Host a Virtual Event

Say thank you to your consumers by hosting a virtual holiday event during the festive season. This is much more cost-effective than throwing a live event and will save you time should you yet to consider a holiday bash to celebrate your community. Virtual events can add value to the lives of your customers as they are an opportunity to recognize your loyal consumer base through raffles or competitions hosted on stream or pre-announcements for festive season sales. These kinds of events show your customers that you care, and you can include a corporate social responsibility campaign in your virtual event to encourage Christmas shoppers to give back to their communities. 

4. Make Your Business Greener

More and more consumers support greener businesses as they wish to do their part as customers. For this reason, you can give back to your consumers by showcasing your support for what they care about when making greener decisions during the festive season and beyond. You can consider new shipping methods that are more environmentally friendly, lead community initiatives like clean-ups during the holidays, or jump onto eco-friendly marketing strategies. Doing this will show your customers that you care to do business better, encouraging them to shop with you during the holiday season as a result. 

5. Connect With Other Businesses

In the spirit of the holidays, connect rather than compete. Yes, competition drives successful eCommerce, but so can connecting your consumers with businesses that offer services outside of your particular realm of expertise. For example, an online store that sells groceries can direct its audience to a local manufacturer of cooking equipment that consumers may wish to purchase to prepare their favorite meals during the festive season. By connecting your customers with other helpful businesses, you showcase the desire to support them in every aspect of their lives. This reflects positively on your brand image, enticing more customers to your store.

Give back to your consumers this holiday season by introducing consumer financing, offering unbeatable specials, hosting virtual events, making your business greener, and connecting customers to help businesses.

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