5 Tricks to Increasing Traffic Flow to Your Online Store

May 20, 2022

In order to run a successful online store, you need to ensure that you first have enough traffic flow to your website. Without a consistent source of returning and new customers visiting your site, you will begin to lose out on the potential of converting shoppers. This is especially important when considering that only a fraction of those that browse your website will actually buy a product. In the modern age of digital marketing, increasing the reach of your website is a key objective to yielding profitable success. In this article, we discuss how your online store that integrates consumer financing from ChargeAfter can improve traffic flow and increase sales. 

1. Create SEO Content for Consumers

Content is a great way to attract new consumers and keep existing customers engaged with your brand. But, creating content is only half of the activity. You also need to ensure that the content that you deliver is optimized for Google. SEO refers to search engine optimization, a process whereby you make content crawlable and indexable by Google. In doing so, Google is able to deliver that content to users when they enter specific inputs into the search engine. With better SEO content, you are more likely to appear higher on the search engine results page (SERP). This is great for traffic flow as discoverability plays an imperative role in how consumers find your website. Great SEO content can come in the form of blog posts, optimized YouTube videos, optimized product images, and so much more. With SEO, the sky is the limit!

2. Spy on Your Competitor’s Marketing

Another great strategy for increasing traffic flow is to spy on your competitors to find out where their traffic is coming from. You could use a tool like SimilarWeb, for example, to see the various traffic sources for competitor websites. This data will prove invaluable as you use it to inform your marketing strategies for increasing traffic flow. For example, you may determine that most shoppers within your specific industry utilize their mobile devices to shop with the competition. Therefore, one can determine that a mobile-friendly website is critical to increasing traffic flow. 

3. Take Advantage of SEM

Where SEO refers to strategies to show up organically on Google, search engine marketing (SEM) refers to paid media that can instantly appear on the first page of the SERP. Search engine marketing is a great way to instantly increase your online visibility, drawing customers to your website for as long as your ads are running.

4. Focus Investment on Top Conversion Sources

After assessing your competition, you should run a quick analysis of your own online marketing efforts. The data that you pull from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and your eCommerce platform will direct you to your most valuable conversion sources. Whether it be social media advertising or organic search, determining your top conversion source enables you to make changes to improve your most valuable marketing activities. 

5. Make Everything Mobile Friendly

We have already mentioned that some eCommerce platforms may require a mobile-friendly site to attract new traffic, but the same can be said for all eCommerce platforms. The mobile readiness of your website is a major Google ranking factor, contributing to your position in the SERP. Without one, you will fall behind your competition and your traffic flow will drop significantly. 

As you look to increase the traffic flow to your online store, consider our five tricks to achieving successful results. From SEO content to competitor monitoring, SEM, smarter investments, and optimizing for mobile, these are the top ways to attract more consumers.


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