5 Social Media Management Tools to Support Your eCommerce Store

Jun 27, 2022

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful but time-consuming digital marketing activity. Social media management tools enable eCommerce stores to be more efficient with their social media marketing, enabling them to reduce the time and cost of allocating resources to this area of digital marketing. In this article, we highlight five social media management tools that your eCommerce store needs to optimize your social media marketing. 

1. Best Tool for Design: Canva

Canva is a free or paid to use tool that marketing teams can use to make social media design more efficient. The platform simplifies the design process with free stock imagery, visual elements, and templates to manipulate for social media post creation. The tool is also used by designers for social media tasks to make their processes a lot quicker. Canva is incredibly powerful in the way that you can use existing templates with small but significant tweaks to create visually striking social media content.

2. Best Tool for Analytics: HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful social media tool that provides comprehensive social media analytics and digital marketing metrics to optimize your online presence. The brand offers an integrated platform that ensures social media management, sales, and SEO activities are easy to develop and improve, contributing to a stronger omnichannel marketing presence with engaging social media content. As analytics are important for creating clear strategies, this is a tool that eCommerce stores should not overlook.

3. Best Tool for Advertising: Meta Ads Manager

The Meta Ads Manager is a tool that eCommerce stores can use to advertise their profile and products on Facebook and Instagram. The tool is incredibly powerful, offering targeting options and campaign objectives that allow marketing teams to create clear social media ads for specific audiences with distinct metrics in mind. The platform makes ad creation simple and the analytics are comprehensive, giving you a better idea of how consumers are engaging with your social media ads and where their most valuable actions are taking place. 

4. Best Tool for Management: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media management tool that allows eCommerce stores to promote across social media platforms. The tool enables simple scheduling of social media posts so that you do not have to spend time throughout the month releasing content. The platforms easy-to-use and navigate interface makes social media posting a breeze. 

5. Best Tool for Reviews: Trustpilot

To run successful social media campaigns, you can leverage consumer reviews. Consumer reviews are essential for other potential consumers understanding the benefits of your store and the quality of your products. Trustpilot makes the collection and display of positive customer reviews seamless, allowing you to express your online authority to potential audiences. Trustpilot is used by the biggest eCommerce brands, showcasing its reputation among the digital marketing industry as one of the leading review platforms.

Additional eCommerce Tool: Online Financing

While not a social media management tool, online financing services are a checkout management tool that can supplement your social media strategy. Online financing from ChargeAfter is an integration that allows shoppers to secure loans during the checkout process. These loans come with no interest and are personalized for each shopper. The ability to secure them is beneficial for the customer and they do not have to undergo credit checks for approval. This tool can clinch the sale of consumers that have arrived at your website via your social media activity.

Level up your social media management and marketing with tools that support your design, scheduling, review collection, and more. These are the top tools to support your eCommerce store, with online financing an additional recommendation to improve sales.

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