5 Reasons Why Customers Prefer Shopping with Merchants Using ChargeAfter’s Buy Now Pay Later Multi-Lender Checkout Option

Jun 11, 2021

Customers have become more tech-savvy and confident, qualities that have helped increase the rate at which consumers shop online. Urged on by COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and social restrictions, the ease of online retail is also answering consumer challenges and businesses are responsible for ensuring an efficient and effective online consumer journey to meet the growing influx of smart online shoppers. The use of buy now pay later multi-lender checkout options is proving invaluable to eCommerce merchants and consumers alike, as these new solutions streamline the consumer journey to provide quick and easy shopping experiences as well as faster paths to conversion. 

In this article, we will explore the 5 reasons why customers prefer shopping with merchants who use ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later (BNPL) multi-lender platform and highlight why your eCommerce website should consider integrating this powerful technology.

1. Instant Access to Financing

One of the biggest factors that turn shoppers away from online stores is payment options and financing solutions. Many eCommerce websites fail to offer their customers access to a range of payment methods as well as point of sale financing solutions to facilitate a quick sale. Customers who shop online stores with buy now pay later systems are able to make a same-day purchase as they have access to instant funding. This helps consumers reward themselves with a purchase today and helps businesses grow their monthly sales.

2. Personalized Buy Now Pay Later Solutions

Instant access to financial support is only possible with merchants that provide comprehensive buy now pay later solutions for a range of customer segments. Customers are often unwilling or unable to shop online at stores that do not offer payment systems covering the entire credit spectrum. ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform ensures that every customer has access to financing no matter their credit score. This personalized platform saves consumers from the worries of their credit rating, worries that may turn them away from a merchant’s online store.

3. Reliable and Trustworthy Financing

ChargeAfter accepts lenders that adhere to their policies and vets them to ensure that consumers receive financing from only the best lenders in the marketplace. The quality control gives consumers who shop with merchants using ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform peace of mind and confidence that they are receiving support from a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy source. Increasing consumer confidence at this point of the checkout stage is critical as it will help secure the sale.

4. Shop from Any Destination

Consumers around the world can benefit from online stores that integrate ChargeAfter’s BNPL multi-lender checkout option as the system works for customers no matter where they are based or where they are shopping from. Consumers shop from the comfort of their homes, on the go, at their workplaces, or during vacations, so the multi-country facilities of these platforms ensure satisfied customers across the globe.

5. Purchase Pricier Products

Customers who are searching for pricier products are more reluctant to buy on credit as the longer it takes to pay off, the more they end up paying for the product. Take consumers who are looking to purchase a mattress, for example. These products cost a lot as is, and with added interest rates can go well beyond an average consumer’s budget. Consumers who calculate the final cost, which is most smart online shoppers, may stop before checkout and reevaluate their options – often searching for more affordable deals elsewhere or going for something second-hand. Merchants can mitigate this risk by integrating ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform which gives consumers instant access to comprehensive payment plans that suit their needs and budgets. This helps consumers easily access and finance pricier products more confidently.

From personalized buy now pay later solutions to comprehensive and affordable payment plans for pricier products, online shoppers prefer purchasing from merchants using ChargeAfter’s powerful buy now pay later multi-lender checkout options.

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