4 Ways Consumer Financing From ChargeAfter Establishes Trust With Your Customers

Nov 14, 2021

Consumer trust plays a massive role in the success of one’s online store. After all, customers that do not trust a brand are unlikely to buy from the website, share recommendations with their friends, leave positive reviews for other shoppers to see, and return to browse new offers and deals. The need for strong consumer trust is paramount, however, becoming increasingly difficult as a decline in consumer trust according to reports is sweeping the eCommerce industry. Now more than ever, companies must find new ways to establish and build trust with their customers. In this article, we explore consumer financing and its impact on consumer trust with particular reference to ChargeAfter’s leading multi-lender financing solution.

1. Consumer Financing Adds Value

Added value sits at the core of consumer trust as shoppers hope to find stores that go above and beyond to satisfy their online buying behaviors. ChargeAfter facilitates an added value consumer experience through the integration of consumer financing with the best eCommerce platforms in the marketplace. How does it do this? Well, the multi-lender platform provides shoppers with access to on-demand zero-interest financing solutions as they shop for all sorts of products. Customers experience the benefit of paying off their purchases over long-term loans that do not become costly with time. In a nutshell, consumers that shop with eCommerce platforms using ChargeAfter’s consumer financing get more bang for their buck. This establishes trust with shoppers who are skeptical of extensive repayment options through third-party websites and other online stores. 

2. Consumer Financing Simplifies the User Journey

Customer trust also rests on how easy and simple the consumer journey with a particular retail website is. For example, customers are more likely to trust a company the facilitates a seamless user journey from browsing products to adding them to the cart, applying coupon codes for discounts, paying for the purchase, securing affordable delivery, and receiving products in a timely fashion. The entire journey can be made simpler with the integration of consumer financing from ChargeAfter. The integration ensures that shoppers can apply for financing on the fly, without having to leave your store. This eliminates the need to seek consumer financing from other sources, aiding in establishing trust among shoppers that seek efficient services from eCommerce platforms. 

3. Consumer Financing Makes Expensive Products Accessible

A large part of establishing consumer trust boils down to how accessible an online store’s products are. Shoppers browse many online platforms before they select their products as prices range from one store to the next. With consumer financing from ChargeAfter, an eCommerce platform can provide comprehensive financing for expensive items. This enables customers to shop all products on one’s catalog, increasing the availability of products in one’s store. Customers that shop with consumer financing are more likely to trust the website, specifically because ChargeAfter provides a network of reliable lenders with upfront financing plans. 

4. Consumer Financing Validates All Shoppers

Customers that shop with eCommerce stores using ChargeAfter’s consumer financing feature does not have to submit credit checks to receive financing. As a result, all shoppers can buy from one’s website. This broadens a retail store’s available audience as well as showcases a commitment to easy shopping for all customers. Having this feature builds trust with shoppers from all walks of life. 

ChargeAfter’s consumer financing solution can help eCommerce platforms build trust with their customers. By adding value, simplifying the user journey, making more products accessible, and validating all sorts of shoppers, eCommerce platforms can support their shoppers and promote long-term relationships that foster profitable business growth. 

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