The 4 Best eCommerce Platforms You Can Integrate With BNPL

Choosing a brand name, defining your customer segments, and conducting market research are some of the first steps to introducing your new eCommerce store. But, before you launch you should consider which eCommerce platform is right for your business. Each service provider offers unique benefits that enable businesses to craft attractive online presences. And, no eCommerce platform is created equally. So, choosing the right platform from the start is pivotal. In most cases, we recommend eCommerce platforms that support the integration of BNPL services. This allows your business to capitalize on the massive revenue potential of this payment option, helping you beat the competition. In this guide, we explore the 4 best eCommerce platforms you can integrate with BNPL services to increase conversions and build brand loyalty.

1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most reliable and strategically strong eCommerce platforms on the market. The platform features a myriad of sales channels, plugins, and additional benefits that are geared to driving profitable business growth. The platform enables eCommerce directly through your website and has full integration with social media channels to leverage Millenial and Generation Z consumer interest. ChargeAfter’s BNPL services can be integrated with Shopify to ensure that businesses drive sales. This consumer financing feature enables seamless payment for consumers, facilitating a faster time to sell and improving customer loyalty. Furthermore, analytical reports from ChargeAfter and Shopify can help marketing teams make stronger strategic decisions. 

2. Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is an incredibly powerful eCommerce platform designed with big businesses in mind. The platform is fully hosted and provides extensive business management options for teams to facilitate seamless workflow navigation. The platform has multiple payment options already integrated, and it is extremely simple to integrate ChargeAfter’s BNPL services over and above these. Doing so will bridge the gap between your business and a vast majority of consumers that prefer to shop with online stores that offer multiple, efficient payment options.

3. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an easy-to-integrate eCommerce platform that appeals to businesses using WordPress to host and manage their websites. The WooCommerce plugin is fast, efficient, and enables superior facilitation of eCommerce innovations and analytical reporting. Thousands of WooCommerce plugins let marketing teams optimize their back-end systems, streamlining workflow and reducing time allocation to mundane or repetitive tasks. As a highly customizable platform, WooCommerce is perfect for the ever-evolving nature of eCommerce. Simple integration with ChargeAfter’s consumer financing features allows businesses to take advantage of online financing benefits and increase monthly order values and volumes. 

4. Adobe Commerce (Formerly Magento)

Formerly known as Magento, Adobe Commerce is a non-hosted eCommerce platform that offers incredible flexibility for businesses large and small. The platform offers free options to get started, ensuring that new businesses are able to quickly integrate and consider the benefits of utilizing Adobe Commerce. The platform offers incredible customization and the ability to integrate additional plugins for greater workflow and innovative eCommerce solutions. Companies can install ChargeAfter’s waterfall consumer financing services into their Adobe Commerce platform to leverage the many benefits of BNPL. Doing so can greatly improve monthly sales and give your eCommerce platform an advantage over competitors. 

As you prepare to launch your businesses on the best eCommerce platform you can integrate with BNPL, we highly recommend searching for the most reputable consumer financing service providers. With ChargeAfter, you can leverage the incredible benefits of buy now pay later solutions in the most efficient and effective way possible. Partnering with ChargeAfter enables you to drive sales and increase revenue no matter the eCommerce platform that you choose to launch with.


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5 Ways Shopify Retailers Can Maximize Their Customer LTV With Point Of Sale Financing From ChargeAfter

Customer lifetime value (LTV) refers to the total amount of money a customer spends throughout their entire lifetime spent shopping with your Shopify store. An increase in attention to customer lifetime value allows online retailers to leverage their shoppers’ purchasing behaviors, activate long-term growth through customer retention, and model new strategies for improving average order values within a shopper’s LTV. There is no one strategy for creating a fruitful customer LTV, rather a culmination of activities including one of the most powerful sales-boosting integrations, point of sale financing.

ChargeAfter offers the most comprehensive point of sale financing platforms on the market and, in this article, we will highlight five ways Shopify retailers can maximize their customer LTV with this powerful plugin.

1. Builds Customer Loyalty

ChargeAfter’s multi-lender point of sale financing platform is a value-add integration that builds customer loyalty by providing return shoppers with access to consumer financing to make more and/or larger purchases. The benefit of this platform’s ability to support customers improves the potential retention of those shoppers, ensuring that brands maximize the monetary output of their consumers throughout their customer LTV. The perk acts as a loyalty drive offered to all shoppers, creating a superior shopping experience that attracts more sales each month.

2. Secures Larger First-Time Orders

With regards to customer acquisition, online retailers need to consider strategies for ensuring the maximum customer spend during their first order should their customer LTV be limited with one’s Shopify store. In order to do so, retailers should integrate ChargeAfter’s point of sale financing as it encourages large ticket orders. Shoppers purchasing from Shopify stores with ChargeAfter’s plugin are capable of funding larger orders and are more inclined to do so as they are capable of paying back loans over comfortable periods of time with no additional interest rates. This strategy should ensure that each new customer makes a substantial order, raising your average order values and securing a larger customer LTV from short-term shoppers.

3. Personalization Encourages Sales

Customers who feel personally connected with a brand are more likely to shop with that brand, thus personalization of marketing is key to increasing their customer LTV. A fantastic way to create this personal connection is by offering personalized marketing strategies, with point of sale financing being a critical checkout personalization feature that gives customers individualized repayment plans according to their unique shopping situation. 

4. Focus on Customer Experience

The checkout stage is the most crucial touchpoint in the consumer journey, however, retailers should not forget about the myriad of other touchpoints of the consumer experience. For most Shopify teams, it can be difficult to find the time to leverage all areas of the user experience, thus automation remains a crucial cost-saving strategy for these stores. Point of sale financing is an automated checkout procedure that allows your shoppers to access funds on the fly without having to leave your store. ChargeAfter handles the entire submission to lending process on the back-end, and your business only sees the profits generated from increased customer LTV.

5. Longer Shopping Leads to Sales

The longer shoppers spend on your online store, the more likely they are to purchase. This goes for all Shopify retailers, and owners, therefore, need to consider methods for keeping customers in their stores and engaged. As mentioned above, ChargeAfter’s point of sale financing platform ensures that shoppers remain in your store while sourcing consumer financing. This is more likely to result in greater customer lifetime value as shoppers make more purchases without the worry of having to seek capital from third-party sites or their financial service providers. 

The use of ChargeAfter’s point of sale financing ensures that your Shopify store builds customer loyalty, improves shopping experiences, and leads to larger average order values, encouraging more profitable customer LTV in the process.

How Shopify Retailers Can Create a Seamless Shopping Experience With Consumer Financing From ChargeAfter

Whether your business is new to Shopify retail or you’ve had success on the platform, the need for a seamless shopping experience remains. Online shopping has grown tremendously and projections predict that the trend will continue, meaning online stores need to determine new ways to attract new customers and retain existing shoppers if they wish to thrive in the competitive online shopping space. This involves developing a clear and efficient shopping experience through the integration of key user experience tactics such as consumer financing and omni-channel strategies.

In this article, we outline how Shopify retailers can create a seamless shopping experience with POS consumer financing from ChargeAfter.

What is ChargeAfter’s Consumer Financing Platform?

Consumer financing platforms are designed to give customers access to repayment plans at checkout, encouraging them to make a purchase and pay for it in monthly installments at later dates. The power of consumer financing lies in its ability to give shoppers immediate access to the capital required to make a purchase. But, what sets one consumer financing platform apart from others? ChargeAfter has differentiated itself as the go-to consumer financing platform as it utilizes a back-end multi-lender process that gives customers access to zero-interest capital at the push of a button. This platform comes as a Shopify plug-in for seamless integration and plans are some of the most budget-friendly on the market. 

What Makes Consumer Financing Platforms Worth It?

The benefits of integrating ChargeAfter’s consumer financing platform are manifold, serving both business and customer for profitable growth and better shopping experiences. The benefits are linked to the platform’s ability to encourage more sales monthly while meeting the growing demands of online shoppers who browse Shopify for the best deals and greatest user experiences. Let’s take a look at the shopping experience benefits for Shopify retailers utilizing this consumer financing platform:

Shopping is Quicker Than Ever

When it comes to buying from Shopify retailers, customers make their minds up in a matter of seconds upon arriving at the checkout process. This critical consumer touchpoint is a make it or break it moment, and the best and most successful Shopify stores give customers the quickest time to purchase to close deals. This involves integrating a consumer financing platform as these plug-ins allow customers to purchase products immediately without having to leave one’s online store. At the push of a button, they are given access to zero-interest repayment plans better than anything they could source from third-party sites or their financial service providers. This efficient process creates a seamless shopping experience for quick sales. 

Shopping Big is Easier Than Ever

Consumer financing platforms like ChargeAfter also create a more engaging shopping experience by giving customers more leverage when making a purchase. The addition of zero-interest repayment plans means shoppers can have access to the capital required to make large ticket purchases. ChargeAfter’s platform promotes large ticket sales in a variety of ways and doing so benefits both the online shopping experience and a retailer’s bottom line. 

Shopping Benefits are Front of Mind

Customers shop with brands that benefit their shopping experience. The integration of consumer financing from ChargeAfter makes these benefits front of mind as customers are continuously reminded of the powerful Shopify integration whenever they review their carts to make a purchase. Providing this value-add to shoppers encourages them to become first-time buyers as well as retains existing customers who wish to shop on a monthly or yearly basis.

From bringing your brand’s value-add to your customers’ attention to creating more opportunities for big sales, integrating ChargeAfter’s multi-lender consumer financing platform creates a seamless shopping experience for customers that helps drive monthly sales.

Boost Shopify eCommerce Conversion Rates With Buy Now Pay Later Financing From ChargeAfter

When it comes to Shopify eCommerce, competition can be rife and online stores across all industries vie for the attention of conscious and confident online shoppers equipped with the decision-making power to make or break an online retail store. Conversion rates are a key metric to determine success, and eCommerce platforms need to find new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition to land sales and promote business growth. Ultimately, conversions boil down to the checkout stage and how many customers actually make a purchase. Through the integration of buy now pay later financing, Shopify eCommerce platforms could give themselves a leg over the competition.

But, how exactly does buy now pay later financing from ChargeAfter boost Shopify eCommerce and the aforementioned conversion rates? In this article, we assess the importance and benefits of integrating this multi-lender consumer financing platform with your eCommerce site.

Peace of Mind Shopping

The benefits of buy now pay later solutions for improving conversion rates typically lie in the psychological associations linked to the platforms. With ChargeAfter, customers receive peace of mind knowing that they can comfortably pay off purchases over time with minimal to no interest over and above the purchase. This means that more shoppers are inclined to convert from browsing customers to buying brand loyalists. Peace of mind is one of the most powerful psychological aspects of improving conversion rates in an environment when shoppers are more skeptical of online shops than ever before. Furthermore, customers are quick to abandon their carts for online retailers offering the best deals and greatest added value. 

Appeals to More Markets

Another factor that contributes to increasing conversion rates is having access to a broader market. Many Shopify eCommerce platforms limit themselves to a specific target audience and are not equipped with the tools to expand into new areas of revenue potential. A benefit of introducing buy now pay later with ChargeAfter is giving your online business more freedom to access untapped markets in your industry. The following modern markets are available and eager to shop with retailers that offer extensive consumer financing models:

  • Millennials and GenZ’s: these modern markets do everything that they can to avoid debt and financial pressures. With consumer financing, online retailers can entice these conversions by offering zero-interest repayment plans over comfortable time periods.


  • Skeptical Shoppers: online shoppers are often unwilling to shop with retailers that do not offer comprehensive repayment plans as it is inconvenient for them to have to source loans from third-party sites or their financial service providers. The inclusion of ChargeAfter gives you immediate access to these shoppers for increased conversion rates. Furthermore, these shoppers are not hindered by the fear of having to undergo credit checks when buying from Shopify sites integrating ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later platform.

Shoppers Buy Upfront and In Full

Conversion rates soar at Shopify stores that include consumer financing from ChargAfter as shoppers confidently make orders quicker than ever through efficient and effective upfront financing. Businesses benefit from this as shoppers are capable of paying upfront and in full with the help of ChargeAfter’s extensive platform of lenders. This means that your online store experiences immediate increases in fully-paid conversions, both improving the rates and monthly order values of those conversion rates.

By catering to consumers’ online shopping doubts, attracting modern buying markets like Millennials and GenZ’s, and facilitating fully-paid conversions every month, Shopify retailers can boost their conversion rates, increase their average monthly order values, and experience quick brand growth through the integration of ChargeAfter’s buy now pay later consumer financing platform. 

How ChargeAfter’s Waterfall Consumer Financing Platform Benefits Shopify eCommerce Retailers

Waterfall consumer financing is proving exceptionally beneficial for Shopify eCommerce retailers, and no waterfall financing platform is providing quite as much value to these online retailers as ChargeAfter. The powerful, seamless, and affordable ChargeAfter waterfall financing platform is one of the most sought-after among the best Shopify stores for its ability to provide consumers with the ultimate online shopping experience and, in turn, encouraging business growth among partners who have integrated the platform. In this article, we share more information about this waterfall consumer financing platform as well as highlight the benefits that it could offer your Shopify eCommerce store.

What is ChargeAfter’s Waterfall Consumer Financing Platform?

ChargeAfter’s waterfall consumer financing platform is a multi-lender checkout plugin that gives customers shopping with Shopify stores access to consumer financing at the simple tap of a button. How it works is that consumers request financing and receive almost immediate access to a trustworthy lender with repayment plans that include zero additional interest. The request is funneled through a series of prime and subprime lenders until the request is accepted by a lender willing to loan them money, and this happens all on the back-end from your Shopify store. This is exceptionally powerful as most financial service providers are incapable of offering repayment solutions as competitive as this and shoppers do not even have to leave your store to have access to financing solutions. 

How Does it Benefit Shopify Retailers?

So we know that this integration is extremely beneficial for the consumers, but how does it benefit the retailer? Well, marketing teams are very much aware of the fact that sales depend heavily on factors that affect customer experience. And, the checkout stage is the most critical part of the customer journey as this is where financial decisions are made. Funneling customers through the checkout process is crucial to business growth, and this can be promoted in the following ways with the integration of ChargeAfter’s waterfall financing platform:

More Customers Shop More Frequently

By integrating ChargeAfter’s waterfall consumer financing solution, you give more customers access to quick financing solutions that allow them to order the items on their wishlists. More shoppers in your sales funnel are capable of shopping on a more regular basis, especially considering that the zero-interest repayment plans mean that they are more inclined to make a purchase. By raising your daily orders, you can drive up monthly sales volumes.

Customers Return More Frequently

The perk of partnering with ChargeAfter is that you promote customer satisfaction among your existing and loyal consumer base. Acquiring new customers is costly, so retargeting existing shoppers is a much more budget-friendly Shopify strategy that can be harnessed with greater results through the inclusion of waterfall financing. This is because shoppers who already trust your brand are able to make frequent orders of their favorite items without having to dip into their savings or pay costly interest-based monthly installments.

Customers Purchase Larger Carts

Another extremely beneficial factor regarding the introduction of a buy now pay later platform is that it encourages consumers to make larger orders. Shoppers who may have previously been unable to order large ticket items, like furniture or TVs, are now encouraged to do so as they do not have to fork out large sums of money as with the hefty interest rate repayment solutions offered by their financial service providers. The integration of ChargeAfter allows them to avoid the middleman and get costly items at the best value, driving up your average order values in the process. 

From increasing the rate at which shoppers buy from your Shopify store to encouraging customers to return and shop again as well as promoting the sale of costlier items, ChargeAfter’s waterfall consumer financing platform offers Shopify eCommerce retailers a range of benefits.

Integrating ChargeAfter with Your Shopify eCommerce Platform

Shopify has approximately 11 percent of the total eCommerce market share, putting the platform ahead of several other eCommerce solution providers. The power that Shopify businesses have over the online retail space continues to grow, and this is a result of Shopify stores offering customers a seamless online shopping experience that caters to their growing consumer needs. Despite these facts being true, many Shopify retailers are unaware of key retail strategies that drive profitable growth and promote monthly sales. In this article, we shed light on one of the most powerful Shopify integrations that every business owner can leverage for improved revenue generation. The solution comes in the form of a buy now pay later Shopify platform powered by the multi-lender market leader, ChargeAfter.

Below, we discuss how your online store can integrate ChargeAfter’s effective solution with your Shopify eCommerce platform seamlessly and showcase the benefits of doing so.

What is ChargeAfter’s eCommerce Solution?

Buy now pay later Shopify solutions are not a new concept, however, ChargeAfter is taking the idea one step further by offering the most affordable and reliable multi-lender platform that can be easily integrated with any Shopify store. The multi-lender platform for merchants is a sought-after consumer financing system that activates key marketing strategies at one of the most critical consumer touchpoints for online shopping, the checkout process. In a nutshell, the ChargeAfter platform provides your consumers with access to consumer financing at the push of a button by connecting them with tailored financing plans from a large pool of lenders. Consumers need not worry about credit checks or other hassling online shopping experiences should they wish to place an order but do not have the capital to do so. This solution increases the time to purchase and offers businesses access to a wealth of benefits we will outline below.

The Benefits of Integrating ChargeAfter’s Buy Now Pay Later Shopify Platform

The benefits of integrating ChargeAfter’s platform are two-fold – offering exceptional shopping experiences for your customers while promoting sales and driving up business revenue. Let’s take a closer look at how your business benefits from this multi-lender platform:

Access to New Customers

Customer acquisition can become costly, but chances are customers are browsing your online store but have yet to be in a position to purchase. These warm leads can be targeted through the integration of a buy now pay later Shopify solution. This is because new customers can have quick access to capital at zero interest fees and make instant purchases without having to factor in extensive repayment plans. The quicker process, ease of use, and exclusion of credit checks with this platform allow your business to tap into these new customers today.

Rewarding Return Customers

Acquiring new customers is one part of the marketing strategy, and promoting return customers is the other. This is arguably even more important as return customers represent loyal buyers who trust your brand and are willing to spend with you. As a result, Shopify retailers need to consider consumer financing solutions like the platform developed by ChargeAfter as these allow loyal customers to make larger purchases without concerns over costly repayments. These return customers will feel rewarded and more inclined to shop with you, driving up your average monthly sales volumes as well as large ticket purchases.

The integration of ChargeAfter’s multi-lender platform is one of the most popular Spotify strategies for driving up revenue and satisfying customers who shop on the online platform. Your business can get ahead of the competition by showcasing the added value to your customers through this integration, a strategy that leverages your existing consumer shopping experience with state-of-the-art financing.