Learn how 42nd Street Photo increased site-wide sales by 20% in 90 days

42nd Street Photo

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What you will learn

from the 42nd Street Photo case study

The challenge
Growing market demand to offer point-of-sale checkout financing.
The solution
Partner with ChargeAfter as their checkout and POS financing provider.
The outcome
A 20% increase in website sales and a 40% increase in average order value.

How 42nd Street Photo transformed its point-of-sale financing

Learn how 42nd Street Photo using ChargeAfter’s embedded lending platform to increase site-wide sales by 20%, boost their AOV by 40%, and approve 70% of all financing applications over 90 days by offering their shoppers consumer financing at the checkout from multiple lenders.

Using the embedded “as low as” widget, 42nd Street Photo displays clear and easy to understand pricing options across the site and in the cart. ChargeAfter’s seamless 3-step application process keeps consumers on-site without any needless or confusing redirections while offering up to 85% approval rates on applications.

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