Glossary: Lending network

What is ChargeAfter’s lending network?

ChargeAfter’s lending network is an innovative multi-lender embedded finance platform designed to transform how consumers access POS financing. It enables merchants to offer personalized POS financing options to customers, either in-store, online, or at any shopping touchpoint. Our lending network is a culmination of multiple lenders, brought together under one seamless embedded finance platform, providing customers with multiple POS financing choices tailored to their needs.

How does a lending network work?

  • Integration with Merchants: Integration of a multi-lender lending network with merchant systems allows for diverse POS financing options directly to customers at the point of sale.
  • Customer Application: Customers can apply for point-of-sale financing through a simple, quick, and non-intrusive process.
  • Multi-Lender Options: The platform presents multiple point-of-sale financing offers from various lenders within the lending network, ensuring a higher chance of approval.
  • Waterfall Financing Technology: Good embedded lending network platforms utelize waterfall financing technology which automatically cascade to the best lender in the lending network, increasing the point-of-sale financing approval rates.

Benefits of embedded finance platforms with a lending network

  • Increased Sales: Merchants can boost sales and average order values by providing flexible point-of-sale financing options through multiple lenders in the lending network.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Offering various POS financing options through a lending network enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Easy Integration: A good turnkey lending network solution easily integrates with existing merchant systems and ecommerce platforms

Benefits for customers

  • Personalized Options: Through a good lending network, customers receive POS financing offers tailored to their credit profiles
  • Higher Approval Rates: The multi-lender lending network approach increases the likelihood of POS financing approval.
  • Convenience: Easy and quick application process with immediate POS financing decisions.

Why choose ChargeAfter’s lending network?

ChargeAfter’s Lending Network is more than just an embedded finance platform; it’s a platform for business growth and customer satisfaction. It’s designed to meet the evolving needs of modern retail, offering a solution that benefits both merchants and customers alike.

ChargeAfter’s Lending Network is a comprehensive, customer-centric solution in a world where POS financial flexibility is vital. We are committed to empowering merchants and delighting customers, one transaction at a time.