Glossary: Lending Hub

What is the ChargeAfter Lending Hub?

The ChargeAfter Lending Hub is a comprehensive all in one white label consumer POS financing platform built for banks and financial institutions to provide them with the technology they need to create, manage, and distribute a wide range of lending products and services. Through the Lending Hub banks can quickly and efficiently offer their lending services to merchants and shoppers at scale without taking away resources from their core banking activities.

The ChargeAfter Lending Hub enables banks to swiftly deploy and manage a wide range of finance products, including short and long-term installment loans, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), revolving credit with installments, and private label credit cards (PLCC) to personal loans, project loans, and other lending assets — all consolidated within a single, streamlined POS financing platform. The Lending Hub is a white-label POS financing platform, allowing financial institutions to seamlessly integrate and customize the platform under their own brand for a personalized and cohesive customer experience.

Key features of the Lending Hub platform include rapid merchant onboarding, merchant integration through APIs and SDKs, branded eCommerce extensions, merchant self-service management tools, analytics, complete lending program management, and merchant oversight and much more. The Lending Hub also provides a robust BI reporting suite for banks and merchants alike with comprehensive insights to their overall financing program.

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