Glossary: API integration

What is API integration?

API, short for Application Programming Interface, is a set of rules and protocols that enable different software applications to communicate with one another.

API integration is when developers use APIs to seamlessly integrate external services, systems, or platforms into their own digital environments and exchange data in real time.

How ChargeAfter utilizes API integration

ChargeAfter’s embedded lending platform can be integrated by merchants in three different ways. Its API provides a standardized way for developers to access and interact with ChargeAfter’s features and functionalities and manage the financing process from application, to approval, to post-sales management,. The API enables merchants to integrate ChargeAfter’s embedded lending platform directly into their own systems, applications, or websites.

Through the API, merchants can leverage ChargeAfter’s capabilities to enhance their checkout processes, offer flexible consumer financing options, and provide a streamlined and customized consumer financing experience to their customers. The API plays a crucial role in fostering interoperability and ensuring a smooth and efficient integration of multiple lenders into omnichannel points of sale.