Take charge of your future

Be at the forefront and work for a thriving FinTech leader operating the world’s most innovative and advanced embedded lending platform. We have enjoyed the most exciting and phenomenal growth and we want you to join our journey. Come grow with us, follow your purpose and witness your personal and direct impact as ChargeAfter continues to evolve. You grow, we grow.

Job openings

Sorry, no open positions here at this time. Please visit again soon.

Fearless innovation

If our fast-paced, unpredictable and exciting environment is what you enjoy best, then come join us on our mission. Thrive in collectively innovating, failing, learning and succeeding.

Backed by top investors

We are not your run-of-the-mill company. Every team member takes full accountability to deliver service excellence. This is the reason why global powerhouse investors such as Visa, Citi Bank and BBVA have provided us with solid backing.

Shared success

You will love working within our team, having direct access to our co-founders and global multicultural, multidisciplined bright minds.

Working at ChargeAfter: the basics

When you come work with us, you’ll quickly discover that we are not your ordinary fintech. That’s because we don’t care about protocol and hierarchy. It’s your results that we are interested in. Nevertheless,
we do work from a set of core principles. These are the basics we feel define us:

You grow, we grow

We do it together: trying, failing, learning and succeeding. You will love our open culture, easy access to leadership and the way we cheer each other on. We evolve as you evolve.

Reputably stable

We are no rookies. You’ll join a proven and award winning global company, serving the world’s financial giants. We’re proud to only offer responsible, compliant and regulated financing.

Fearless to innovate

Innovation takes courage. So we definitely will try that far-out idea of yours. When it doesn’t work, we’ll simply try again. It’s this approach that made use the most agile embedded lending platform there is.

Teamwork with impact

Your team’s work has impact.
It reaches millions, sometimes within weeks. So we make sure our teams can run smoothly.
No walls and segregation, but support and training all the way.

Be well, work well

When you’re with us, expect to be fully engaged to get results. But that doesn’t mean working all the time. You’ll find we promote a healthy work-life balance and reward your efforts handsomely.

Our core values

Passionate & Committed

We are passionate and committed about what we do

Open & Direct

Be Better – together

Excellence & accountability

Quality and outstanding results in everything we do


Be innovative