Why Customers Value WooCommerce Retailers with Point of Sale Financing More Than Others

Jul 16, 2021

Why do shoppers continue to buy from one WooCommerce retailer over another? Is it brand loyalty or is the competition employing smart marketing and sales strategies that encourage them to buy and return to buy again? It is certainly an amalgamation of things, and point of sale financing is becoming one of the strongest tools in an online retailer’s WooCommerce arsenal that creates unbelievable value for customers. The integration with point of sale financing platforms, like the powerful multi-lender platform developed by ChargeAfter, is a way to show shoppers that your business values them and, as a result, they will value your WooCommerce store in return. 

The first step starts with your business and the implementation of point of sale financing solutions, and in this article, we will discuss why exactly customers value WooCommerce rerailers with point of sale financing more than others!

They Feel a Personal Connection

The strongest way to set your brand apart from the rest is by creating personal connections with your customers. Online shoppers are, after all, skeptical of brands that they have not shopped with and loyal to brands that they have had incredible experiences with. This makes it difficult for WooCommerce retailers to target customers personally connected with other brands, but it is not impossible. The integration of value-added point of sale financing solutions comes with great rewards, specifically trust among your shoppers. The trust that you develop with your customers by offering them seamless and personalized access to zero-interest financing will become a part of the foundation that builds your personal connection with them.

Their Shopping Needs are Met

The checkout stage in the consumer journey is critical as it is the final point at which an online retailer can land a sale. To drive down rates at which consumers abandon their carts and increase the conversion of browsers to buyers, WooCommerce retailers should consider adding a point of sale financing platform to their checkout stage. Consumers value WooCommerce stores that provide comprehensive consumer financing as it is a feature that fulfills their shopping needs. Take someone who is looking to buy a mattress, for example. They may be casually browsing WooCommerce stores to find the best deal. They may not have the capital to make the purchase and are in the research stage of the marketing funnel, however, providing them with the ability to fund the purchase at no additional costs could quickly convert them into a buying customer. Customers will value your store for meeting their shopping needs in an instant with no strings attached.

They Cannot Find Better Financing Elsewhere

Customers value WooCommerce retailers with point of sale financing more than others as they cannot find better financing elsewhere. ChargeAfter has created a platform that offers the most comprehensive point of sale financing at the most affordable rates, and also offers customers the value-add of connecting them with lenders that do not include excessive interest policies. Traditionally, consumers would have had to source lenders elsewhere or consult their financial service provider about financing. These methods can become costly and not worth the investment in the long run. Fortunately, ChargeAfter has eliminated the customer’s need to do this and provides your WooCommerce retail store with an efficient plugin that benefits your consumers by offering them instant access to zero-interest financing.

From creating personal connections with a trustworthy WooCommerce retailer to feeling as though their shopping needs are met as well as not being able to find a better financing solution elsewhere, customers value online stores with ChargeAfter’s point of sale financing more than others as it is tailored, comprehensive, and the most budget-friendly on the market.

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