The Retailers Guide to Consumer Financing 2024

As the demand for consumer financing continues to rise, it is becoming a critical factor in the customer journey. However, retailers face significant challenges in meeting this demand.

That’s why we created this guide. It covers everything you need to know about how consumer financing is impacting the customer journey and explains how you can provide your customers with financing options that will keep them coming back.

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What you will learn


Consumer demand outlook for 2024
How economic uncertainty continues to change how people purchase and pay for goods.
Opportunities to gain
By implementing the right consumer financing offer, retailers are more likely to improve KPIs.
How retailers apply consumer financing
With a platform-first approach, retailers easily offer and manage multiple financing options.

About ChargeAfter

ChargeAfter is the leading embedded lending platform for point-of-sale financing. We help top-tier merchants deliver seamless access to personalized financing choices.

With full omnichannel coverage and advanced post-sales capabilities it has never been easier for merchants to manage the financing cycle. In a single application, customers apply to multiple lenders and are matched to the best-fit financing options through a waterfall finance model in real time. Merchants benefit from easy post-sale management, lender communication, data and insights on a single platform.

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