The Beginners Guide to Buy Now Pay Later eBook

The only source you’ll need to learn more about Buy Now Pay Later consumer financing, and how offering BNPL will help boost your conversion rates and increase your sales.



Buy now pay later lending    Why Buy Now Pay Later

Did you know that over 63% of millennials and gen Z’s do not own a single credit card? How does that affect your business?

With more than 40% of consumers being millennial and gen Z, shoppers are demanding control over their payments. Buy Now Pay Later allows consumers to do exactly that and easily split their purchase up and know exactly how much their monthly payment will be even before making a purchase, and without having to use a credit card or deal with high APR’s


Buy now pay later lender  What is a Multi-lender Platform?

Single lenders are typically limited to a single financing offer. Multi-lenders offer a range of personalized financing offers to allow the consumer to select the best option for them using a single application – no matter their credit score!


Buy now pay later platform  Goodby HIGH APRs!

Buy Now Pay Later financing through a platform traditionally enables consumers to split their purchase by up to 60 payments without any interest. Yes. That is correct. A 0% APR purchase! (*where available)


The future of Buy now pay later lending  The Future of Payments

Did you know that 31% of all cart abandonment online happens because consumers don’t trust sites with their credit card information and due to the lack of payment options?


The Beginners Guide to Buy Now Pay Later